5 Stylish Ideas For Your Polo Shirts

5 Stylish Ideas For Your Polo Shirts

Who doesn't give full and serious attention to their wardrobe? Of course, we are all eager to look fabulous and decent. But when it comes to the attire, you might get a little confused. Men polo shirts have been playing a big role when it comes to finding a suitable t-shirt for men.

They were believed to have been invented in the 19th century. It was useful because of its collared neck, the shirt would stick in its place and the polo players would play without being disrupted. 

When people hear about a Polo shirt they think instantly about Ralph Lauren but he was not the one who introduced them. Though, it is true that before he started selling them, no one had easy access to these shirts. 

The Brook brothers took this idea from the polo players before anyone and started making more shirts. People started wearing and using these shirts when in the 1920s, a polo player named Lewis Lacey began to sell them in Canada. 

Polo Shirts With Khaki Pants

If you are wondering what are khaki pants then you should know that these are pants of mostly beige color. They are stunning and comfortable. They are going to remind you of the time when you were forced to get up and wear them as a school uniform. Khaki pants were basically a uniform for army men due to the fact they stayed comfortable in it. Get your khaki pants paired up with men polo shirt. Also as an inevitable truth, its color is still a bit muddy but back then this color was even muddier so that the army men could hide easily without being detected. Cool, isn't it?

Polo shirts look so dashing with khaki pants. They are a perfect match together, there's no doubt in it. When going out with friends or to a gathering you can wear this style and it would amaze everyone around you. For casual wear, you can tuck the shirt in khaki pants to look more like a casual gentleman. Even the image that comes to the mind is awesome. 

Polo Shirts With Shorts 

Woah! Here comes a perfect look for summer. A polo shirt with shorts is going to give you a cool and casual look. Who would wanna miss a chance to show off their gym-made body? No one! I would say. 

The shorts can be of any type. For example, athletic shorts, sports shorts, and khaki shorts. It would be a perfect preference for a man with good taste. 

Polo Shirts with jeans

When confused, go for fine quality denim jeans. Polo shirts are ideal to wear with jeans and who wouldn't go for a breathtaking look like this one? It will give you a boost and a decent look to your personality. Imagine a good polo shirt and jeans with a fine quality belt, such a sharpened look. 

Polo Shirts With Sweatpants 

Going to the gym or for a walk with a bunch of pals, a polo shirt with a sweatpant would be perfect. You can also wear them when going to a friend's place to crash. They look amazing and they will also give you a good messy look with slippers. That's surely gonna lift your impression on others besides giving you comfy feels. They will also look great with joggers or flats so that the comfort remains with you all along your way. 

Polo Shirt With Blazer 

Yes, you might as well have seen many people wearing it and believe your eyes on this one, it looks tremendous. Blazer is a suit looking jacket which also comes with a pant usually. Men polo shirts with a blazer would give you not only an office-like look but will also make you look like a courageous movie actor. So tuck the polo in and wear a blazer with a pant, don't forget to get a good pair of boots. You got everything you have wished for there. 

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