Not too long ago, polo shirts were only worn by athletes playing polo, tennis, or golf. Over the past century or so, polo shirts have been introduced to the general public, thanks to the efforts of designers like Ralph Lauren. These knitted cotton shirts with easily manageable collars are well loved by many on account of their versatility, flawless fitting, and sleek look. In the age of the internet and smartphones, more and more retailers have created their own websites so customers can conveniently purchase clothes such as polo shirts online. Furthermore, potential customers seeking to buy polo shirts can thoroughly scrutinize the quality and durability of polo shirts online by reading through numerous reviews left by former customers. However, special care must be taken in styling polo shirts because repeatedly pairing them with the same pair of pants can become extremely monotonous and dull. Thus, listed below are quick tips for styling polo shirts which ensure that your outfits do not become boring and drab. 

Blazers are your best friend

If you are heading out to a meeting, wear a well-fitted blazer on top of your polo shirts. Experiment with different color combinations and remember that contrasting outfits always look fabulous. So, wear a white blazer and white pants with a deep blue or black polo shirt. Or wear a dark blue blazer and pants with a pale, soft blue colored polo shirt. In doing so, you will manage to look effortlessly sophisticated and elegant.

Select your pants/shorts wisely

To take your outfit from drab to fab, pick your bottoms after serious deliberation. Sure, jeans work well with every outfit but be careful about the cuts, hemlines, and fitting of the jeans you are choosing. For instance, polo shirts paired with ripped or distressed jeans are a big no. To add balance to your look, wear purple or red colored polo shirts with white shorts. If you are running errands, you can even style polo shirts with impeccably tailored sweatpants. 

Sleek belts for the win

Do not wear polo shirts with bulky and intricately designed belts. Instead, a sleek brown leather belt or a slim and simple black belt are more worthy choices. Choosing these belts will tie in your look in a very coherent way.

The fitting matters

When looking up polo shirts online, you will most probably notice how vital it is to buy shirts with the right fitting. So, when purchasing your next polo shirt, make certain that it fits like a glove. It should not be tight or too loose. Else, your carefully put together outfit will look sloppy and unkempt. 

Play around with colors and patterns

Polo shirts are available in solid colors and various patterns. Patterned polo shirts feature contrasting colors, color blocking, and stripes. These designs are mixed and matched together. So, the next time you are purchasing polo shirts, try on a couple of patterned polo shirts if you want to add more variety to your wardrobe.

The right pair of shoes can elevate any look

Loafers and sneakers are ideal when you are wearing polo shirts while meeting a friend. But, for a more formal look, wear oxfords or dress shoes.

There you have it, 6 wonderful and quick tips for styling polo shirts. While surfing the internet, you will see that polo shirts online are often styled according to these tips. Thus, rush to Export Mall so you can purchase polo shirts in different colors and at an affordable rate without compromising on the quality. Leftovers Pakistan.

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