How To Style Polo Shirts For Different Occasions?

How To Style Polo Shirts For Different Occasions?

Polo shirts which previously were more known as uniform shirts now have immense acknowledgement. Besides being breathable and comfortable, polo shirts make men feel like being dressed up with a t-shirt for men. We often come across polo shirts for sale and polo shirts online but, did you know the market actually has a number of polo shirts for boys for diverse occasions? Well, that's what we aim for today, let's get our hands onto some hacks to style polo shirts according to several instances;

Wear according to the moments: 

It's inevitable that polo shirts are mainly the shirts for summers. Unlike what we think, polo shirts are also made with materials beyond cotton. The cotton and polyester ones are the best to be worn if you're going to get engaged in some sports or exercise. These absorb the sweat and are durable. One of the other materials include silk blends which shouldn't be worn if you ought to be exercising. The reason behind this suggestion is that these shirts aren't breathable and display visible sweat stains. Also, the color sometimes fades by the sweat. 

Fit makes it a hit:

Who on the planet likes a man wearing a too tight shirt? Cringes! But you can certainly make it a fit for yourself by having it in a decent fitting. The polo shirt doesn't need to be too long over your hem but it should reach the back pockets of your jeans so you can easily tuck it in your pants. On the flip side, your sleeves shouldn't be tight either and should be just a bit down your upper arm. It's better to try polo shirts personally rather than buy polo shirts online.

Let polo be the only shirt at a time:

Polo wearers often make a blunder of wearing an undershirt or an overshirt alongside polo. This makes the dressing seem weird and tends to look a lot bulky. Polo shirts for men when worn over an undershirt look bad because the inner shirt's collar or neckline get visible. Wearing even polo over a polo isn't advisable. 

Set the collars and choose small logos:

It was a fad of old times but don't be the one to pop the collars. It's verifiable that polo shirts are meant to be comfortable wears but that doesn't mean going against the guidelines and trends.

As mentioned earlier, polo shirts are available in different styles, however, the ones with prominent logos make them look a bit extra. It's a choice to wear the one without a logo but since that's rarely found, you can buy yourself the one with a small logo.

Button any of the collar buttons:

No matter if the day welcomed you with a scorching sun, still having all your collar buttons opened doesn't justify your style. If all are unbuttoned then it will create a saggy, rough and used touch to the shirt. Button any one of the collars so the neckline stays in the shape.

Choose polo with basic colors:

Black never goes out of fashion, blue and gray don't hurt much either, no? Regardless of your age, you can always choose the solid colors to give yourself a mature look. When it's about polo shirts for boys and the time to go out and have a slice of cheesecake then you can wear the ones with stripes and funky colors.

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