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Before they became widespread, polo shirts were only worn by athletes, specifically polo players. As time progressed, polo shirts also became popular among athletes that played tennis and golf because of their light weight and sweat absorbing properties. In the early 1970s, designer Ralph Lauren added his own touch to the conventional polo shirt designed by the Brooks Brothers and designer Lewis Lacey. After its re-designed by Ralph Lauren, the polo shirt included a symbol of a man playing polo along with its distinct collar that could be easily folded, neckline, and three buttons. The sale of polo shirts surged exponentially after they were designed again. Designer Ralph Lauren expanded the scope of his products by creating polo shirts for boys, girls, and women in addition with the polo shirts designed for men. As compared to t-shirts for men, polo shirts tend to have a more flattering fit and design; thus, they have become more commonly worn in gatherings and casual meetings. In the current era of online shopping, an extensive range of polo shirts for sale are available on the websites like Amazon. Polo shirts online can be ordered conveniently and styled according to individual taste and style. 

T-shirts for men are generally made of woven cotton. Polo shirts for men and polo shirts for boys, on the other hand, are made using pique knitted cotton. Cotton is primarily chosen for making shirts because it is lightweight, long-lasting, and extremely comfortable. Pique cotton is slightly more textured than regular cotton which is created by fine ribbing of the cotton fabric. This specific knit gives polo shirts a sturdier and form fitting finish compared to casual cotton t-shirts, thereby contributing to its relatively formal look. Along with using fabrics like cotton, polo shirts for sale may be made with silk, natural and artificial cloth, and wool. At times, cotton may be combined with polyester, which is a durable and strong fabric to make polo shirts. Spandex can also be used to make polo shirts because it allows sweat to evaporate rapidly. This ensures that athletes do not remain sweaty while playing. However, the most widely used fabric to this day is cotton. Although Ralph Lauren is an American brand, polo shirts are manufactured in countries like China where labor is cheaper and more widely available. There is an assortment of polo shirts online and polo shirts in stores. These polo shirts may be short sleeved or long sleeved, they may have 2,3,4 or 5 buttons. As for their colors, polo shirts may have a solid color or there may be stripped using multiple colors. However, it can be safely said that polo shirts are manufactured using high-quality fabric which is designed to last a considerable number of years. The superb quality, the finesse and design of these shirts have contributed their immense spread and popularity. 

When they were initially introduced, polo shirts were only designed for athletes. As time passed, brands like Ralph Lauren created more versatility by manufacturing polo shirts for boys and women in an assortment of colors and patterns. Like t-shirts for men, polo shirts can be worn with pants, shorts, and an array of belts and shoes. Likewise, polo shirts for sale available for women can be worn with khaki pants, fleece jackets, and delicate jewelry. Polo shirts online can be bought from brands and websites which sell clothes via Export Brands Pakistan. In purchasing polo shirts, one’s best option is to buy them from Export Mall that provide incredible quality clothes at a rate that is extremely cheap and friendly for one’s bank balance. 

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