How to Solve Issues With Jeans Pants

How to Solve Issues With Jeans Pants

An inevitable fact to acknowledge is that you only get one chance to make 'first impression'. So, to set the best of all impressions, people spend lots and lots of cash on attires including jeans for men. Jeans pants are one of the most preferred types of pants by all genders because of not just the looks but also because of the durability. Denim jeans come with different styles like slim fit jeans, boot cut jeans and various others. However, just like other clothes, jeans is also prone to certain problems but not at all to fret! The good news is, you can beat these problems with some care.

Let's have a peep into the solutions for the common issues jeans lovers confront on and off in their lives;

The bottom of my jeans keeps touching the ground:

You face that quite often, right? That's one of the most common issues we all face at some point of our lives with jeans for men and jeans for women both either because you failed to buy the accurate size of jeans or because the previous owner of that particular jeans was taller than you. However, cutting the jeans from the bottom may make it look really rough and untidy so you should fold the bottom of your jeans upwards according to your own choice. Pretty simple!

My jeans is staining my shoes:

Undoubtedly, it's an uncommon issue but the people who wear raw denim jeans often get to bear the staining the shoes. Actually, it's the colour of the jeans that bleeds out and ruins your favourite shoes. To cope with the issue, prefer buying washed denim jeans instead of raw denim jeans because washed denim jeans is previously washed out and so the dye is almost strong.

The jeans gets wrinkly even after it's ironed:

Although barely but still there's an issue of wrinkles in jeans which don't easily go away even after it's pressed. Slim fit jeans barely come across it. But if you iron your jeans while it's still numb can easily help sort the issue out and resist wrinkles from reappearing until it's rewashed. Secondly, you can also apply wrinkle-protectant sprays to make wrinkles go away.

My jeans looks faded from the knees:

It's more likely to happen if you're too energetic and like to jump and bump often. Some jeans pants come with the patterns and hues which make them look faded from the knees but sometimes it's because of wearing the jeans roughly.

You can avoid the problem by buying yourself premium quality jeans and also by avoiding kneeling periodically.

My jeans is fading although it claimed to be durable:

Just because you have spent thousands on your jeans selection doesn't mean it will stay the same throughout the lifetime. Mostly jeans for men are bought for the purpose of performing a long duty. With usage, jeans fade and lose the quality. But, if you're concerned then you should wash not just your jeans but other clothes also by turning them inside out. This strategy has been working wonders since years.

My jeans simultaneously became hard:

With continuous usage, jeans lose their soft and comfy texture and that can also be because the water available at your place to wash jeans is hard which causes your jeans to be stiff. You can either replace the water or get your hands on any well reputed fabric softener. 

My favorite jeans has started to look saggy:

Too much dependence on the same jeans may cause it to sag especially from the waist. While you can't stay under confident and keep pulling your jeans up, just wear a belt to hold it right in the place (the waist). Secondly, taking precaution from the start by investing in a good and heavy-duty jeans will come in handy.

The pockets of my jeans pop out weirdly:

Although you often confront it especially when your jeans are tight for you across the hips area but don't get disheartened, here's a simple trick. Turn your jeans inside out, place it flat on a surface, smooth it up and pull the jeans pockets all the way down. Once you're done, sew the pockets. That'll completely resolve the affair of pockets displaying out.

Many of these issues wouldn't dare to rise if you shop your jeans from a remarkable and well-rated outlet. To serve the purpose, Export Mall comes up to the demands of its clients by providing up-to-date, trendy, economical and premium quality jeans which waives off the issues jeans lovers face. It has a great array of jeans pants, be it slim fit jeans, denim jeans and all other varieties of jeans for men. Watch out more on Leftover Export.

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