It's said right that you don't get the second chance to make your very first impression. That's the reason you can't give a cold shoulder to our very own friend in need which is a t-shirt and jeans duo. T-shirts and jeans for men are no doubt a versatile combo and has been saving the men's efforts, time and brainstorming since ages. T-shirts for boys come in many styles which include men polo, long sleeve t-shirts and so on, same is the case with jeans. However, even this get up needs to have some limitations to save it from turning 'eww'. But don't worry! We have your back and we will break down some most successful ways to wear jeans and t-shirt for boys. Keep scrolling!

White tee and denim jeans:

Undoubtedly, you need to have at least two plain white t-shirts for boys in your wardrobe to be there as a saviour for summers specifically. Keeping it cool and fashionable at the same time, white tees can be worn at many occasions clubbed with blue denim jeans for men. To make it more captivating and to cover your arms (in case the tee has short sleeves) you can have an outer shirt as well. You can wear a double denim combo by wearing the denim outer shirt.

Green tee and blue denim:

A viridescent t-shirt paired up with blue jeans ends up making a fresh look that's not only pleasant to look at but your mood will also be uplifted. The shirt can also be a men polo. There are many shades of green out there in the market and according to each shade, you can choose the required texture of blue for jeans like acid washed jeans or raw denim jeans for men.

Faded blue and light gray jeans:

Again for the summers, lighter shades are a treat to the eyes and that's where this combination comes in handy. You can either pick baby blue or angel blue t-shirt for boys to create this look. To uplift the overall tone, you can wear maroon suede shoes with it and trust me, you'll win the hearts.

Maroon t-shirt and blue jeans:

Whether it's about a formal or casual look, maroons and blues will make you look bold. For this look, you can have some statement shirt as well but a plain maroon t-shirt for boys also does wonders. However, this attire code is a way more better to be adopted in the fall so it doesn't look harsh upon the sight. To tone it down, you can wear white sneakers.

Black shirt and blue jeans:

A dead match is not appealing every time so pairing the same colored tee with jeans can give you thumbs down. You can wear a black t-shirt with any shade of blue jeans. The jeans you'll be wearing can be even ripped jeans, acid wash jeans or any other.

Well, here are some of the triumphed t-shirt and jeans amalgams which you can trust depending on the demand of each occasion. Being a guy, you can let your accessories play the rest for you. For instance, with a maroon tee and blue denim jeans, you can have a watch with a beige leather strap and beige leather shoes. Besides you can also seek the help of caps, belts and sunglasses even.

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