10 Types of Tops for Girls.

10 Types of Tops for Girls.

Tops are very important for girls. Tops are the garments that cover most of the upper body. These Tops can be as long as mid-thigh and as short as mid-torso; it all depends upon the type of top. They are an essential piece of clothing for girls because they cover the major part of the upper body and hence they are the first piece of garment that catches the eye of onlookers. Plus since Tops are covering most of your upper body; they play an important role in making girls look stunning and beautiful. 

Every girl must know all about different types of tops so that they can wear the ones that suit them most. A top can make or break your game girls! so make sure that you choose the top that fits you and the occasion you are wearing it for. Not every top is meant for every occasion and every body type. Having some knowledge about types of tops can save you from dressing disasters.

If you aren’t familiar with different types of tops then you are in the right place. Because I will be listing the 10 types of Tops for girls so that you can familiarize yourself with different kinds of tops and decide which one suits you most.

Eastern Short Kurti

Eastern Short Kurtis are all rage among younger girls in Pakistan and even among modern middle-aged women. They are popular because they are an amalgamation of both modern and traditional aspects. Young girls prefer wearing short Kurtis over traditional Kameez tops. Short Kurtis are available in various forms in the market. There are printed Kurtis, embodied Kurtis and fusion Kurtis, etc in the market. Plus they are made of different materials too i.e. cotton, lawn, and Jacquard, etc. 

Young girls wear these Kurtis on various occasions including friends get together, family outing, schools, and even offices. They are worn by girls of all body types and they look flattering on almost every body type. That is why everyone is rushing to grab good quality Kurtis.

Traditional Kameez Top

Traditional Kameez top is popular among older women but younger women wear it too. They are also made of different types of raw material i.e. lawn, cotton, silk, and Jacquard. 

There are various brands that make fashionable and modern Kameez tops for women by adding beautiful prints, embroidery, and designs. Hence you can look modern and stylish even in a traditional Kameez top too. Just buy a fine quality modern Kameez tops and pair it up with a stylish bottom; you’ll surely amaze the onlookers with your fashion choice and style.

Blouse Top

Blouse tops are casual wear but you can surely wear them when going out with friends and even on a date. It’s often made of comfortable and breathable fabric so you can just wear them while you chill at home. They are usually worn in summer because they are short sleeves.

Blouse Top makes the wearer look gorgeous and classy even with fewer accessories. You can surely rock your date if you wear a Blouse Top with skinny jeans and high heels.


Kaftan is usually a long, patterned, and rob-like Top. Women usually wear them in summer. Kaftan is full-length tops that are made of light fabric i.e. cotton or lawn. Modern Kaftans usually have stylish prints and embroidery that makes them fit for Fashionista women. Kaftan looks very good when paired with trousers and jeans.


Tank Tops are the savior of girls in the summer season. They are go-to summer garments because they are sleeveless with a round neck top and made of light fabric. Surely they are the best tops for summer because they are light and fashionable at the same time. You can wear them with jeans and shorts depending upon your choice.

Peplum Top

Peplum tops are cute tops with established details below the bust. These tops are ideal for those who want to hide their belly fat but still look stylish. They are figure-hugging so they suit curvy girls but petite girls can wear them too. Peplum tops look very good with trousers, shorts and ripped jeans. 

Wrap Top

Wrap Tops are literally wrapped around your upper body which forms a V-neck. It is a great choice for casual dressing but it can even be worn in professional spaces if it is paired with appropriate bottoms. They look very good in shorts and sneakers.

Off Shoulder Top

Off Shoulder, Tops are also called Bardot. They cover the area between the bust to the waistline so they do not cover shoulders. That is why they are called Off-shoulder Tops. Girls with beautiful shoulder line should definitely wear this. They are a good choice for a party, friends get together and even dates. Off shoulders make the wearer look elegant, classy with a hint of sexy. 

Pair them up with pencil skirts, skinny jeans, or shorts and see the magic of Off Shoulders Tops.

Asymmetric Top

These tops usually have bottoms with uneven sides and that is why they are called “Asymmetric Tops”. These tops are the latest and hottest trend in the fashion industry. Asymmetric Tops come in different materials and shapes. They can have both short and long sleeves. You can pair an asymmetric top with skinny jeans for just about any occasion.

Cape Top

Cape Tops are made after the shape of traditional Capes. It is fitting as well as flowy like a Cape. They are comfortable and very flattering on petite girls. Pair a Cape Top with palazzo or skinny jeans for a fresh look.

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