Is it possible that you open up a girl's closet and don't confront the tees? Well, I don't think so. Being a girl, you know how choosing tops for girls following occasion's demand requires some skills which is not everyone's forté. Often, we have to rely on our family or buddies to assist us with this 'so complex' task. Anyways, did I tell you about what are the possible combos which you can make with t-shirts for girls? These combos are as easy as a pie. Have a peek!

Untucked tee shirt with a loose trouser:

I am sure that reminded you of Kareena Kapoor from Jab We Met too. Loose trousers and shalwars paired with tee shirts look commendable. Ladies are more into choosing long shirts for women to be worn with loose trousers. However, that's a unique dress code and takes confidence to be made a part of one's overall attire. Adding up a staller with it will give you a brown girl's touch.

Tee with a blazer and pants:

You are lucky to have groovy blazers that make you urge to wear them periodically even when there's no PTA or interview due. On the casual days, it's best to wear contrasting blazers either with a plain t- shirt and statement shoes. After all, fashion demands you to be experimenting. Nobody is ever hurt by the blazer over a statement t-shirt.

A simple tee with a skirt:

It's not that casual but skirts can be worn as a part of a dress even if it is not about having it worn as a uniform. Plaid skirts with simple t-shirts for girls are a treat to the eyes and give you more of a delicate look.

Tee under a fancy maxi:

Do you recall the time when you were young and to beat the cold you had to wear a tee under your partywear? Well, it is now acceptable as a part of normal dressing to wear a tee under the tops for girls. Sometimes, it is a wise choice to cover the unwaxed arms.

White t-shirt and denim jeans:

Make it majestic with red lips, high heels and a handbag. It's up to you whether you go for a simple shirt or printed one but this style is widely acceptable for catching the eyes in minutes.

Tee with long boots and a miniskirt:

Now that's common among teenage girls who don't hesitate to even replace long boots with ankle boots since ankle boots are more of a lady's choice.

Contrast skirt, sneakers and a tee:

For a sporty look, a skirt with vivid hues, paired with a not so fancy tee and with sneakers will give you athletic feels.

Fashion is not about adhering to the strict guidelines with every attire but it is about whatever is appealing to the eyes. Whether it is about tops for girls, long shirts for women or t-shirts for girls, all of these bring forth different styles when blended with other pieces and are followed from time to time. If you are going to be one of the fashionistas then always go into the guises bearing in mind your body type and let it speak for you. Don't forget to check the material and quality of your tee because if it isn't comfortable then you will miss out on the moments that need to be cherished forever. Talking about style, fortunately, Export Brands For Less is offering the biggest discounts and online buying opportunity to its valuable clients. Don't wait and sate your fashion thirst now!

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