10 Quick Tips for Ladies Jeans

10 Quick Tips for Ladies Jeans

Ladies Jeans are the most significant trend of this decade in Pakistan and all over the world. They never get old and always add a trendy feel to dressing. Plus jeans look good with everything; you can wear them with a western top, Eastern Kurti, tank top and t-shirts. Girls and young women love wearing jeans with Pakistani Kurtis as it gives them a trendy vibe while also retaining the roots of their own culture and traditions. Some women prefer wearing western-style top with jeans that make them look modern, flattering, and relaxed.

Plus, Jeans' significant advantage is that it can be worn on any occasion from friends get together to family gatherings to even professional spaces. If Jeans are paired with other pieces of clothing properly, people can we on most occasions. However, there are some downsides to wearing jeans too. They can be such a headache for both petite and plus-size girls alike. Sometimes they just don't fit; they are either too tight or too loose. Sometimes they aren't even looser, but they only don't provide "right" as they usually do. Often their color fades out, or they become worn out from washing. Oh, the problems never end with Jeans. However, I am about to list ten quick tips to help you with various jeans problems. Hopefully, you will find these tips helpful in dealing with jean issues. So, let’s start right away.

Cuff or Cut your ladies jeans if they are too long

If you come across a pair of skinny jeans that are too long for you, but you still love them, what should you do? You should buy those jeans because you can always cuff and cut the jean to fit you. Just slap the unwanted clothe under and pin it there. You can also measure the jean carefully and cut the unwanted piece of the clothing permanently. No one will ever know.

Fix the jean to fit you right

Jeans must fit right to look good. Sometimes Jean does fit well around the hips and thigh area, but the waistband is too loose. It can be a major deal-breaker for girls. However, this problem can be solved quickly. The waistband of the jeans can be resized with elastic. Just cut 2-3 inches of elastic and sew it in the waistband. You have to sew the elastic stretched to tighten around the waistband when you leave it.

Don’t wash the Jeans regularly

The color of Jeans will fade if they are washed in the washing machine repeatedly. You can put jeans in a plastic back and throw them in a freezer for one night. It will kill bacteria and get rid of the odor of the jeans. However, this is not an equivalent of washing, to get rid of dirt, try to wash jeans with hands once a week.

Cut out the knees to get a more modern look

Jeans can also become dull and too bland. Make things interesting, make small slits across both knees with pencil, and use tweezers to cut the knees out. If Jeans becomes worn out, you can also cut unwanted clothing to make trendy shorts Jeans.

Make Homemade Polka dots Jeans

If you aren't fond of cutting and ripping, you can use some other method to add a trendy vibe to your jeans. You can use a bleach pen or white fabric paint to make polka dots all over your Jeans. Remember to apply 2-4 coats, so the color does not come off during the wash.

Wash Jeans without Washing off the color

Dark-colored Jeans are often dyed; hence the dye can come off during the wash, and as a result, the color of your jean can fade. Plus, the coloring that comes off can also ruin your other fabric. To avoid this, you should put the jean in plain water and add a tablespoon of salt. Salt will set the dye, and then you can wash the jean without washing out the color.

Get rid of chaffing

Jeans can chafe the skin of inner thighs and knees due to friction. You can avoid it by sewing patches on your jeans' inside, where you experience most chaffing.

Zip up your jeans to the top

Every girl knows that zipper rarely stays up where it should be. You can keep the zipper up by passing a key ring through the zipper. Before zipping up, pull the keyrings and latch it onto the button. Then button up your jean and zip-up; your zipper will stay where it is supposed to be.

Never buy a pair of Jean before trying it on

Size is just a number, and the size of every brand is different. Volume 36 of one brand might fit you, but size 36 of another brand might be too loose. So you should always try a pair of Jean before buying it because the only thing that matters is that you should feel amazing.

Sew new patterns on the pockets

The overall look of a pair of jeans can be transformed by sewing new patterns in the Jeans' pockets. You can take risks and sew bold-colored patches to give jeans a fresh and modern look.

Now you know ten quick tips to fix various problems and issues of the Jeans. Hopefully, you can use them to your advantage.

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