Easily the most versatile piece of clothing, jeans pants are worn, loved, and appreciated by people of all different age groups, ethnicity, and nationalities, all of whom have learned to style jeans in accordance with their personal taste, financial limitations, and social restrictions. Available in a variety of styles, colors, and cuts, jeans, be it denim jeans or slim fit jeans, all of these can be effortlessly styled for any occasion and event by both men and women alike. It may surprise you that jeans, which have taken the world by storm, were once manufactured for miners in San Francisco during the gold rush. This made them renowned for being jeans for men only. Listed below are the 5 strange facts about jeans which are bound to astonish you and take you by surprise;

1. Jeans were initially manufactured for gold miners.

In the late 1800s, California was in the grip of the gold rush. Gold miners were working tirelessly to extract gold from gold mines. The miners, as it happened, were in dire need of sturdy clothing. Thus, Levi Strauss, who had migrated to the states from Bavaria, decided to make pants from the material used to make tents. Later, he used denim to create these jeans pants. Levi used rivets to fasten the pockets, thereby ensuring that they did not come apart under the heavy weight of tools or stones, which miners might carry in their pocket. Levi tailored with Jacob Davis, who was also a European immigrant to produce the first ever pair of jeans for men which became an instant hit with the miners of California on account of their sturdiness, good quality and reliability. However, as the years progressed denim jeans began to be worn by everyone, both young and old because they were extremely comfortable and durable.

2. The blue color is obtained by an indigo dye.

The quintessential color of jeans is blue which is obtained by using specific weaves and an indigo colored dye. To start off, half of the material is dyed blue using an indigo dye, while the rest remains untouched. It is subsequently woven with a till weave using warp and weft threads. Nowadays, manufactures use artificial dyes to obtain the famous blue color. However, before artificial dyes were produced in the start of the 20th century, indigo was shipped all the way from India to give jeans their distinct color.

3. Jeans were viewed as a symbol of rebellion.

Jeans were initially available only for men. Back then, women wore dresses and skirts and abstained from wearing pants on account of religious and moral restrictions. In the movie, “Rebel without a cause,” the leading actor wore blue jeans to symbolize his defiance and disdain. Consequently, a number of public places such as hotels and restaurants began to ban their customers from wearing jeans which only made them rise in popularity as more and more young people began to wear jeans to showcase their distrust against authoritarianism. In 1961, the famous star Marilyn Monroe donned on a jeans on jeans ensemble which propelled women into wearing jeans on an everyday basis. The roaring ‘60s were characterized by protests against war and in favor of the civil rights movement. Protesters who were mostly young people wore bell bottom jeans and flowered shirts, which are in striking contrast with the slim fitted jeans we wear today.

4. Jeans are manufactured and sold at an alarmingly fast rate.

It is no secret that jeans have literally taken over the world. From being showcased on fashion runways to being worn on an everyday basis by everyone; the jeans business is worth $56 billion dollars a year! A single bale of cotton can produce 325 pairs of jeans and 7.5 billion feet of denim fabric is manufactured every year to be sold worldwide and to cater to the demands of the hundreds of thousands of individuals whose wardrobe is entirely dependent on a good pair of jeans. 

5. Blue jeans cannot be worn in North Korea.

Blue jeans are inherently American and thus they have been banned in North Korea, because they symbolize American values of capitalism and individuality which are in contrast with the communist regime in North Korea.

Thus, as you can decipher, jeans including jeans for men have a loaded history and they have stood the test of time because of their versatility and durability. Denim jeans never go out of fashion. Thus, you should hurry to your local Export Leftovers In Lahore immediately to get the best jeans pants for the lowest prices.

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