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Type of Jeans for Men with Different Body Types

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Majority of us have misconceptions which make us believe that some apparels are limited to some seasons only. Scarves fall in the same category. Where some ladies love to flaunt them in every season, be it summers and spring, there are ladies who have a collection of warm scarves only and that too to wear in winters.

It is inevitable that these scarves are a barrier for cold to reach us but there are scarves in light materials as well to carry out in summers. The point is valid because back in the initial days of scarves, they were only worn by men around their necks or belts as a sweat cloth. The sole purpose of these scarves was to wipe away the sweat. How strange!

Now the scarves are available in almost all materials and styles, such as long scarves, silk scarves, woolen scarves, thin scarves and oversized scarves. All thanks to the advancement. However, today we will share with you 10 tried and tested ways to style scarves in literally no time without failing to impress others around you. So, gear up for the journey to know more about the proper usage of scarves!


It is on the first because it is our favorite where you fold the scarf and place it around your neck. Now bring the both ends of the scarf together and pass them through the loop and you are all good to go.

Necklace With Knots:

Take a light-weight scarf, preferably a silk one and wear it around your neck. Now make two knots anywhere in the scarf and finally, make a knot by uniting both the ends of the scarf. But don't forget to take the last knot which you made by uniting the ends to the back of your neck.

Shawl Style:

Commonly worn style of a scarf is when you wear it like a shawl. You let it hang around on both your shoulders. This way, you are fully covered and don't have to worry about the fanciness.

Turtle Neck:

Take a scarf, wrap it around your neck. Both the ends should be looped around your neck fully and finally, just tuck their ends inside the scarf so they are no more visible.

Tie Style:

Have you been urging to style like a man without looking awkward? Well, here your wish comes true. Wrap a scarf around your neck with both the ends hanging even, now cross either side of the scarf over the other and then bring it through the loop towards the outer side. Hurray! You are ready to wear a lady-like tie.

Knotted Shawl:

Wear a scarf in a shawl style, we mean that it should drape from both your shoulders and then take back both the ends and tie a tight knot. Elegant!

Two Loops Around The Neck:

Tie both the ends of your scarf tightly and once done, wrap the same scarf around your neck again and now adjust both the ends. 

Braid Scarf:

Braids are not always for hair, let us tell you why. Fold your scarf in half, wrap it around your neck and make both the ends come to the front, now make a braid by pulling the loose ends through the loop. You are good to go and rock a braid style scarf.

The Cowl:

Wrap the scarf around your neck making sure that one of the ends is way shorter than the other. Once done, now keep wrapping the long end around your neck and once it is all looped, tuck in the left part.

Head Wrap:

It is your time to fold the scarf in half, and make certain that the center of it is in the middle of your forehead. Lastly, tie the knot in the back of your head.

Hopefully, now you have a well grip on all these 10 ways of styling a scarf in minutes. The best thing about scarves is that no matter how many dresses leave your side once you have put on some weight or when you are pregnant but the scarf will always be by your side. 

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