The Ultimate Guide to Wearing Jeans for Men

The Ultimate Guide to Wearing Jeans for Men

Denim revolutionized contemporary fashion with its take on durability ever since the 80s. The fabric made rippling waves in boutiques worldwide without any contest, but we aren’t here to increase your knowledge in history. Mention ‘ jeans pant’ and denim connoisseurs will be looking into the internet for Tommy Hilfiger’s latest stone-washed edition. But, that isn’t the complete story.

Be it stone-washed, acid-washed, or dark like your nemesis’s soul, we can’t imagine our wardrobes without a prime pair of staple jeans. Denim is very wearable – but there is a huge difference in wearing a pair of skinny jeans to date instead of a slim-fit instead. Don’t worry – we are here to help men stop wearing their sloppy tracks and learn how to get a good fit for good.

3 Things to Consider Before Choosing Your Fit 

  • Body Type…

While we endorse choosing your fit as per your body type, we are going to give it to your straight. Your body type is not your breaking or defining point. Sure, wearing a pair of jeans as per your body frame is ideal, and we would like nothing better! But, never compromise on comfort and your personal style. So, if you think you can pull off a classic, relaxed fit for your dates as well as football games, then so be it! 

  • Snug or Lose Waistbands?

To be honest, this is a paradox – and every man for his own. Waistbands that are either a size smaller than your waist or too snug to hug your curves are perfect for casting sharp silhouettes. But, let’s consider you want to be more comfortable and instead, opt for denim jeans with loose waistbands. While you can hold your jeans up with a belt, loose sizes might cast a bulky silhouette which we are sure you don’t want, right?

  • Pockets, anyone?

When was the last time you didn’t see a pair of saggy pockets on your best friends behind? Not that we are telling you to cast your eyes on your mate’s glutes, but saggy pockets might ruin the whole outlook of your denim jeans! While we are all up for tapered cuts and loose-fitting relaxed jeans, we suggest you look for a pair that doesn’t draw attention to your crotch!

The Ultimate Guide to Wearing Jeans for Men – Know It For Good!

Before you spend nearly half of your savings on the next ‘trendy’ pair of jeans pants, we think you might need to understand your body type and the silhouette you might cast. Denim jeans are perfect for lounging – but you might need to consider the type of boot cut and silhouette style for the right fit.

Skinny Jeans

We endorse skinny jeans like any other pair of denim but let’s get one thing straight: Skinny jeans are not a replacement or alternative to leggings, jeggings, or anything that chokes your legs. Personally speaking, skinny jeans are ideal for men who are either narrow in the basement or have a lean body frame. But, mind you – create some room for your thighs to breathe when they collide with each other while walking. Otherwise, you might look like someone drenched in body paint.

Slim Jeans

Slim jeans are one of our personal favorites; mainly because of how flattering they are with their sharp, straight silhouettes. Slim jeans have tapered boot cuts and stretchy waistbands which makes it possible for people with heavier thighs to cast elongated shadows.

When considering comfort and style altogether, throw on a pair of slim jeans because why not? Talk about uber versatility and endless styling options along with the chance to look sharp yet relaxed! Ten minutes to catch your bus to school? Throw a pair of faded slim jeans with a button-down shirt and catch that bus!

Straight-Leg Jeans 

Confused between slim and straight-leg jeans? Don’t worry; we’ve all been there at least once or a hundred times while choosing the right fit. If you have a body frame that’s too generous around the hips and shoulders, consider getting straight-leg jeans for accentuating your proportions.

Alternate between slim and straight-leg jeans if you have an athletic body type with a bigger shoulder-to-hip ratio to carry yourself better. Going on a date? Get yourself a snazzy pair of straight-leg boot cut denim and tuck in a baggy shirt to appear formal yet uber casual!

Tapered Jeans

Looking for a pair of jeans that don’t hug your legs or thighs? While you cannot go too wrong with slim or straight-leg jeans, the denim family thought of creating one that fits in between the two. For men who are looking for a more relaxed yet flattering silhouette, jump into a pair of tapered jeans and get, set, impress!


We see ‘relaxation’ and ‘comfort’ whenever a good-standing pair of denim jeans is put before us. And yes, the hot weather is incapable of mercy – we know – but what good will denim be if you cannot wear it when it is 45 degrees outside?

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