The Miracle of the Polo Shirts

The Miracle of the Polo Shirts


The polo shirt so widely worn today is actually a fairly recent invention. The first polo shirts for men surfaced in the late 1800s and early 1900s. The first polo shirt came forth in 1896, when John Brooks of the Brooks Brothers noticed that the collars of the shirts which polo players wore while playing remained firmly in place. He replicated the design to produce a similar shirt. The polo shirt evolved when a Canadian polo player, Lewis Lacey, started selling polo shirts in the year 1920. Those polo shirts featured a convenient, unstitched collar which could be easily rolled up; this design was in stark contrast with a formal button-down shirt with a stiff collar and a number of buttons. This version of the polo shirt also notably featured a polo emblem. Upon the launch of his collection Polo in 1970, Ralph Lauren created a polo shirt which mimicked the design elements of the polo shirts created by Lewis Lacey fifty year prior. The production of polo shirts by Ralph Lauren notably made them easier to access and purchase and brought forth a visible surge in the sale of polo shirts.

Polo shirts as sportswear

Polo shirts create an ideal sportswear because they combine the suaveness of the dress shirt with the flexibility of tights. The original polo shirt featured was short sleeved with an unscratched collar that could be easily tucked in. It was made of high-quality pique cotton, with a double-knit design, therefore making it long-lasting, comfortable, and resistant to wrinkles. Moisture wicking polo shirts proved to be ideal for sports players because they absorb sweat and moisture in the first layer, consequently helping players keep sweat free while they are playing. Additionally, the non-patterned, simple design of these polo shirts provided various companies with an advertising opportunity for they simply branded their logos on these shirts. 

Why polo shirts are incredible

The miracle of polo shirts lies in their fine quality cotton which comes in an extensive variety of hues. The first polo shirts to be ever made for essentially polo shirts for men, specifically for athletes. However, as time has passed, the brand has expanded to include polo shirts for women and children as well. In a world of work-from-home economy, the polo shirt is the quiet champion that has made life easier for thousands.

Pairing a simple, single colored polo shirt with khaki pants or dark washed jeans will have you looking put together and professional in an instant.

In conclusion…

Clothing has evolved greatly over the years. To a point where the 1920s teenagers looked wildly different from a modern one. The office worker of the 1950s dressed differently from his father. Style has evolved because our preferences have changed. Whether color design or material, we dress the way we do in order to express ourselves. The polo shirt is a notable exception to the rule of ever-changing fashion choices, it is as popular now as ever. The polo shirt was invented as a necessity. Early polo players wanted a shirt with buttoned down collar to prevent them flapping in the wind. While the polo players of the time made it with thick long-sleeved cotton shirts, the polo shirt was soon about to become much more wearable. Back then, who would have thought that polo shirts for men playing golf, tennis, or polo would take the fashion world by storm. But now, it hardly comes across a surprising phenomenon- for in addition to being comfortable, polo shirts help pull off an incredibly effortless, sleek, and sophisticated look. Export Left Overs.

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