Men Jeans: Expectations vs. Reality

Men Jeans: Expectations vs. Reality

A years-long cliché stating that attire selection is a complex task for ladies but not for men is whatsoever totally wrong. It's certain that dressing belonging to men only looks simple and easy especially when it comes to the selection of jeans for men, but the jeans pants that don't look contrasting than the other pairs are actually chosen after keen observation. So, whether it is slim fit jeans, denim jeans, or any other jeans, it's more than just another piece of same textured jeans.

Sorry to break that to you but the truth is that there's a spin of expectations and totally opposite realities relating to the jeans for men. Below we have paired up some of these mainstream expectations vs reality scenarios;

Expectation 1:

Let's follow all the trends associated with jeans for men so they compliment my looks

It is valid to go with the flow and flaunt with your favorite trendy jeans but it's an inevitable fact that something "new" doesn't necessarily mean "perfect". The same rule applies to jeans for men. For instance, you have a bulky body and a wide waist, the trend arrives for slim fitted jeans. Would you go for that? If you wear it up, it wouldn't compliment your looks and would degrade your whole dressing sense.

Expectation 2:

Everybody notices my dressing so I must be obsessed with buying branded dissimilar jeans

It's a common feeling men get especially when it comes to grabbing the attention of ladies around them. Actually it isn't necessary that everyone will notice your dressing, people prioritize and stay busy in running day to day errands so barely notice how the specific person turns-out.

The anonymity of the fact is now abolished and you don't need to spend plenty of cash on buying exorbitant jeans pants having contrasting hues. At best, you can choose 7 to 8 pairs of jeans out of each you can grab accordingly for the entire week.

Expectation 3:

It's a replica of higher-end branded jeans, must be comfortable to wear and gonna add charm to the whole attire

Got you, right? It's undoubtedly correct that the majority of the costly brands offer jeans pants that are not only comfortable but also durable but you should never choose a brand for jeans you are trying for the first time if someone you trust hasn't spoken in favor of it.

Secondly, due to the popularity of branded apparel, there are certain replicas available in the market having a half-price range than the original ones. For the most part, whether the jeans are made up of

denim or dungaree cloth, if it comes as a replica then you can't be certain about the quality of stitching and material. Even mentally you will be self-conscious and wouldn't feel easy peasy.

Expectation 4:

Done buying expensive jeans, now I am ready to get compliments from ladies around the corner

Don't be disheartened but unexpectedly your jeans will be noticed and commended by more men than females. Men's clothing is all the way different from the feminine ones. Women can barely notice the cuts, contrasts, hues, and shades of jeans. They will most likely be thinking that you're wearing the same jeans the whole week if there's a little resemblance in the color. 

However, men around you will be wowed and would come to you uttering "what a charming jeans!" "Where did you get it from?". Men will believe that you have leveled up, here's where your expectations will break.

Hopefully, now your queries about jeans for men have been answered with certitude. Any jeans pants whether denim jeans, slim jeans, flare jeans, boot cut, or whatever, it will only compliment you if that goes with your body and personality type, or else it would look no less than a burden. Good pair of jeans don't come obligatory by the expensive outlets but some heedful examination of the grade can provide you with quality jeans. If you want to shop the best jeans for men while staying in the budget then picking Export Mall which is an epitome of quality yet economical jeans and other garments is the best of all deals. More about Export Leftovers.

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