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Fun Facts About T-Shirts

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It will be injustice to t-shirts if we ask how many of you have an experience of wearing them. Known for complimenting different dressing combos and for the comfortable wearing, tees have an unbeatable preference throughout our lives. Every apparel store has t-shirts for sale including t-shirts for girls, t-shirts for boys and even t-shirts for children. But did you know that there are some facts attached to these daily-wear tee shirts which often make the listeners go baffled and laugh as they're a total surprise to know?

What's the logic behind being called a 'T' shirt?

I bet you got the point! You must have thought that your favorite tee shirt creates very much of a T shape. They are named so because of the same shape its body and sleeves possess.

Were they undergarments initially?

Tee shirts were used as undergarments and were attached to the bottom garment making it a long underwear. Miners used to wear this long underwear to block sunlight touching their bodies directly. Later, this long jumpsuit was cut in two pieces separating the top and the bottom. So, no more long underwear!

How much yarn your tiny shirt takes?

You would hesitantly anticipate but your tee shirt takes more yarn than you ever thought. The average amount of yarn each tee takes is over 9,000 metres. Strange, right?

A shirt has 16 diamonds?

The world's most expensive tee shirt which costs around 400,000 dollars has 16 diamonds sewn in it. However, the material of the shirt itself is cotton. Duh! I would make my own tee shirt industry rather than buying just one for so much!

Unisex shirts are there!

We always go to the shop and ask for t-shirts for girls and t-shirts for boys but did you know that many of the shirts we buy are applicable for both genders? Unisex shirts are usually free size rather than having proportions made for fitting the specific body type. How about buying unisex shirts to exchange with your opposite twin?

260 shirts worn all together!

Making its way to Guinness World Records, in 2019, a guy wore about 260 shirts all at a time sizing from medium to 20X. The purpose for this act was to generate money for a school. Noble cause!

Largest tee shirt of the world is made up of recycled plastic bottles:

From India to marking itself in the Guinness Book of World Records, the largest tee shirt is made up of 200 thousand recycled bottles of plastic. How epic!

Unbelievable tee shirt materials!

We are only familiar with silk, cotton and polyester to be there to construct tee shirts but did you know there are other materials into the bargain? Most of these can't be found as t-shirts for sale everywhere but high-end stores have with them crocodile skin, gold, leather, human hair and metal shirts and they are of a big-budget.

The first ever tee shirt printed has no picture lately:

It was solely for the movie made in 1939, named The Wizard of Oz. The thing to ponder here is that this particular shirt has no visuals present today. God knows why!

Tee shirt industry employs a great number of people!

Talking about the United States, it extends over 400,000 jobs all within for the tee shirt assembling. Besides it also holds 35 thousand farms of cotton which obviously come handy for producing tees.

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