What is Export Left Over?

Export leftovers are the products and components. That is left over after a company has completed its export transactions. These items can include anything from finished goods. To packaging materials to spare parts.

There are many reasons why a company might have exported leftovers. The items were produced more than needed for the original export order. Or maybe the products were damaged or defective and had to be scrapped.

Export leftovers can also occur when a company changes. Its shipping plans last minute, resulting in a surplus of goods. Whatever the reason, companies want to get rid of export leftovers as and as possible. This can be not easy, but the products may not be suited for the domestic market.

Or they may be challenging to sell in bulk. As a result, companies often have to offer steep discounts or even give the products away for free. Export leftovers can be a major headache for companies. But they can also provide some opportunities.

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